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Passing Through

The starting point for the video was the interpretation of Odyssey as epic voyage, the long journey home, and many battles along the way. The story of my life ...


One windy day, as I was siting in my armchair, sketching, the sun began streaming in through the window. The window frame cast strong shadows on the curtains being blown inwards, looking like the sails of a ship. I took several photos and video clips of the scene, with no idea what I would do with them. 


It is open to other interpretations, of course, but for me the video speaks to the work-in-progress approach to both my arts practice and my life as a whole.


It references the push/pull drama that is so much a part of living with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), the legacy of an abused, medicalised and institutionalised childhood.

In November 2018 I submitted this 3 minute video in response to a callout for disabled artists by Art Shape for artwork on the theme of Odyssey. To my surprise and delight it was accepted and shown in an exhibition in Gloucester Cathedral in January/February 2019.

Passing Through -Glos Cathedral_edited_e

The video was also shown in the 2020 Together! Disability Film Festival in the Powerful Women category.

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