Artist's statement

My arts practice falls into four categories:

  • Drawing and painting from life/nature in various media.

  • Digital abstract and figurative work created on tablet/ PC.

  • Photography, typically taken on my smartphone.

  • Combinations of all/some of the above, eg video and digital collage.​

My work is inevitably autobiographical to an extent. Art is a great way to tell stories that cannot adequately be expressed in words. Some of these stories are about my life - past, present and always.

Social and political issues find their way into my work, when the need arises or when memories and ideas break through. As a disabled person, I have experiences and a particular perspective on life and the world that occasionally I'm able to express through my art.

My essential artistic self-view aligns with David Hockney’s: My role as an artist is to overcome the emptiness of despair, my own and other people’s. It is about my need to communicate my way of seeing, and being in, the world.

I write about art, disability, and disability arts here.